A. Sales lead activity management for insurance

Problem facing the organization:

  • One of the largest Insurance providers was spending millions of dollars in generating leads but was not able to track the activity on those leads. The only visibility it had was if the lead was successfully closed
  • Not being able to monitor activity and productivity of its Sales team and Agents


The Decimal Technologies Solution:

mSLAM– Mobile Sales Lead Activity Management – was built around PLATWARE with following components

  • Mobile Application for all Mobile OS within which leads generated from various external sources were allocated to the Sales team. The sales person manages the entire lead life cycle on mobile until closed. The lead integrates with calendar for better appointment setting.
  • Web Portal where every activity with every lead can be analyzed to determine productivity, effectiveness, forecast etc. It allows direct interaction of senior management with sales team from within the portal.



  • Daily automated allocation of leads to over 30,000 sales team members
  • Improved productivity and reduced cost
  • In-depth analysis for informed decision making