Convert your eServices to mServices

Convert your eServices to mServices

Mobile has become the most used device today. It is hence important that an institutions’ Services which are today available through offices and portal become accessible on mobile in the most user-friendly way.

Decimal’s platforms dataOn and PLATWARE helps in rapidly converting your eServices (from any backend platform) into mServices and making them available on mobile.

mServices an initiative that is being undertaken by many government and private organizations has helped institutions increase their reach, number of service requests, revenue and most importantly customer/member satisfaction by adding to their convenience.

In this age of speed and especially with mobile, the most important factor is time to market/launch. Decimal’s offers a configuration based platform so that rolling out the first set of services, adding up the remaining, making changes to fields, validations, flow in future is fast – in some cases even in as low as 3-4 weeks.

Also, it can bring services from multiple/different backend systems into one application. Decimal also bring deep experience in integration with wide variety of backend systems over different modes/protocols of integration such as Web Services, Databases - JDBC, API, Flat Files, RFC, RPC etc.

So, to achieve future proof, enterprise scale & class mServices platform, Decimal is your partner.