Customer Service Task Management System


This system is to be designed for a Plumbing company.

Use Case

Bathroom Leakage or Plumbing related calls




Currently the worker is assigned the tasks related to plumbing over the phone or by physical assignment sheet. The worker goes to the appropriate address and performs the required repairs. He also charges the customer for the parts and repair charges. Few estimates are also provided by the worker to the client.

Scope of Application

The application is expected to have the following features (the list is in a task life cycle order)

  • Client calls the company for reporting the issue faced by the client.
  • The office analysis the required repairs and takes notes of the problem along with contact details of the client.
  • These Calls will then be floated to the all those Users of the application who are around a specific radius of the address of the client.
  • The User of the application can Accept or Reject a Lead (The buttons for Accept or Reject should be visible on the Task in the Task List screen) The Tasks which are accepted should not show the buttons, rejected tasks should get deleted & pending tasks should show the buttons
  • User can open a task & view all the details of the task along with Phone no & Address.
  • The Application should have feature of calling or SMS to the client from the application
  • Also, the application should have a Map It feature which searches the address of the Client on the map and show it to the user along with Route Directions
  • For each Task user will have following different Actions

a. Manage Appointment

  • User will select a New Future Date, put some remarks and save.

b. Report Visit Screen

  • Observation : Drop Down
  • Remarks

c. Estimate

  • User will have an option to create an estimate of the repairs
  • User can add items (Parts or Services).
  • Rate &Qty should be shown on the selected Items as editable fields.
  • User should be given an option to Save the Estimate (Sync with server) or
  • Save & Email (Email will be done from Server)

d. Invoice a Task

  • Estimate Line Items to be fetched from the server
  • This list should have option to edit the rate and the qty
  • It should have an option given to the use to add taxes for the parts or services respectively or as a whole on the total amount of the invoice
  • User can add or delete items from the invoice
  • Once user does a Finalize Invoice, user will have a signature pad for the client to sign & accept the invoice
  • The data should be synced with the server and it should send an email to the client with the PDF invoice
  • Once the invoice is synced, the application will open a feedback form for the clientto rate the service from a scale of 1 to 5
  • The Task is closed after this and the data of this task is deleted from the application