Mobility is fast changing how you conduct business. The impact is most evident in financial services. End customers can now fulfill most of their banking needs in the confines of their comforts. The Do-it-yourself (DIY) approach being adopted by banks and lenders has brought power to a customer’s mobile and opened up new avenues for business. It helps onboard customers (open an account, provide loan, issue insurance policy) without, at time a single, in-person interaction. This leads to great customer delight and efficiency to institutions. A win-win!

With an eye on this demand, Decimal Technologies brings to you a simplified digital solution (for onboarding, lending etc), where entering personal/professional information, doing eligibility checks, verifying and fulfilling (disbursing money, opening account, issuing policy) can be done digitally. Besides providing a user with DIY sanity functionality like accepting his information, validating his eligibility against regulatory requirements, and letting the user set up appointment with a representative, our solution completes the consumption cycle and provides real-time approvals.

Current Process:

Digital/DIY Approach: