The promise of Enterprise mobility

In enterprises today, a somewhat new paradigm of work is emerging. Many organizational tasks are best being done from one’s own mobile phone.


The ubiquitous presence of mobile phones, improved connectivity in remote areas, the trend in organizations towards allowing employees use their own devices for business use (also called Bring Your Own Devices or BYOD) and the shift towards smartphones is fuelling the creation of mobile apps for business use.


Increasing competition across industries is creating a pressure to improve productivity. Operational efficiency needs to improve and time to decision-making needs to improve too.

As today’s workers see mobility as integral facets of their professional and personal lives, it makes great business sense to tap its potential. The use of mobile computing in business today goes far beyond e-mail access, messaging services and horizontal applications. The ecosystem now includes access to core enterprise applications, both services and data.

Employees today can update, query, access and view business data in an engaging format in real-time, even when they are off-premises.

In particular, operational and field workforces now have the ability to capture and share corporate data in real-time, using smart devices with built-in sensors, thereby improving the ability of employees to collaborate among themselves and with customers and partners. Sales teams that carry mobile devices with access to enterprise systems are more empowered to successfully deal with, and perhaps even impress customers on-site.