mBiz – Mobile Sales Force Automation

mBiz is a simple to use mobile app for sales order booking and other activities for the field sales force of distribution-intensive industries such as FMCG, Consumer durables, Pharmaceuticals etc. Use of mBiz automates the entire field activities of the organization’s sales force, multiplying its productivity.

How it works

Traditional way of managing field sales data

Retail industries employ a large number of salespeople who regularly cover large geographic territories and meet several channel partners. Traditionally, the sales and other field data gathered by the sales force is emailed via Excel sheets to the regional headquarters which is then compiled and exported into the company’s CRM.

mBiz way

Sales people download the mBizapplication on their own mobile phone. When they visit the dealer, distributor, warehouse or other such sales and stock keeping point, they update the data immediately. Sales people can also see historical data for that sales point. Separately, sales managers can view and analyze the sales performance by sales person, territory etc.

Benefits of mBiz

  • Reduces redundant paper work and let Sales team spend more time doing sales calls
  • Digitizes data right at the source avoiding transcription errors
  • Gives "last mile visibility" of the sales channels to the head office - in real time. The head office gets a composite picture – orders and inventory status, dealer feedback and competition activities - across the entire sales channel. It results in better sales management, notably faster decision making and better response to potential market threats.
  • Sales person has access to entire records – sales, collections, ordersand invoices – of the channel, on the phone, improving his own field productivity.

Product Features

Product features can be customized to the needs of each organization. Some of the core features:

Any individual sales person can:

  • View route plan for a given date.
  • Update and track primary sales while visiting the dealer.
  • Update and track secondary sales while visiting the sub-dealer.
  • Update payments received.
  • Update inventory and stock returns at dealer/sub-dealer.
  • View order history for last 5 orders, payment history, invoices and ledger for selected dealer.
  • Record of feedback from dealer/sub dealers.
  • Create new sub-dealers via market visit feature.
  • Record unproductive sales calls.
  • Request for sales reports to be sent via email.
  • See own route plan, list of dealers, dealer targets and achievements.
  • Instantly see price changes, new SKUs & deletions in SKUs as these get refreshed automatically via the backend.
  • See various trade schemes that are in force.

mBiz application value-adds

mBiz application has been enhanced with various system features that makes it a versatile application:

  • Works on GPRS or SMS. Can be configured in such a way that it automatically switches to SMS when sales person is in a poor cell coverage area.
  • Multiple mobile platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, J2ME) and form factors (phone and tablet) are supported.
  • Supports offline mode - data input is acknowledged immediately by the server. In the event the data cannot be sent, the data is stored on the handset and can be resubmitted.
  • SMS Alerts for important notifications.
  • Sales Manager/ Regional office /H.O. can access the application on the web via a Web Portal.The portal has dashboard, reports scheduling and creation, data input option and order approval/ modification/ rejection options.
  • Pivot-based Excel reports can be configured to be received via Email.
  • Seamless integration with distributor’s Tally software.
  • Integration with ERP such as SAP, Oracle etc.
  • In the frontend, it can integrate with barcode scanner, printer and payment gateway.
  • Simple UI, easy to use, great user experience, no training required.

Optional additional modules


  • Merchandising.
  • Recording of images and display information for own and competition brands.
  • Image tagging with Merchandize seen in the image. Access to marketing Collaterals Audio/Video/PDF.

Business Process Management & HR

  • Leave Application and Reporting. Time and Attendance Tracking. Approvals Management.

Industries which can benefit from mBiz

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