mSlam – Mobile Sales Leads and Activity Management

mSlam is a sales leads & activity management application made available on the sales manager/agent’s mobile phone.

How it works

Traditional way of doing sales lead activity management

Sales leads are acquired by the organization and then shared by the regional office with the field sales agent via email (via Excel) / SMS. The sales agent makes visits to the prospect’s location. Data is recorded on various paper forms. Sales agent submits the documentation to a central team within the organization, who then updates the company’s core backend systems.

mSlam way of lead management

The easy to use mSlam mobile app is made available on the sales manager/agent’s mobile phone. Leads assigned to the sales person are sent via the mSlam web portal at the regional office, to the sales person’s mSlam mobile app. Sales person can also create his own leads within the app and record it centrally. The agent meets the lead and updates the lead’s profile and lead status (purchased, not interested, to call back etc.) from the app.

Benefits of mSlam

  • Helps tracking of each and every lead
  • Helps payments in case of renewal leads
  • Helps analyze leads based on conversion ratio
  • Monitor team performance in real-time
  • Increased productivity and work efficiency
  • Creates transparency in the entire system

Product Features

  • A new lead can be created on the mobile phone.
  • Leads may also be made available on the phone – from a central source (leads vendor/regional office).
  • Lead status (open/ WIP/ dropped/ closed etc.) can be easily updated.
  • Appointments can be set with the lead.
  • Scheduled appointments can be checked via the "calendar" feature.
  • Leads pipeline can be tracked via the web portal.
  • References from an existing lead for additional leads can be recorded.
  • Leads performance (Open/WIP/Drop/Closed/ Premium collected for closed, Location/Team/Campaign wise analysis) can be analysed from web portal.
  • Leads already available may be re-assigned to another team member from the web portal.


Industries which can benefit from mSlam


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