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India’s Leading No-Code Platform For Enterprises

Drive efficiency, productivity and build a superior customer experience

using our AI-enabled No-Code Platform

10 Million+

Accounts Activated

100 Million$+

Loans Disbursed

15 Million+

Leads Managed

20 Million+

Application Users

India’s Fastest Growing Financial Service Organisations Digitise With Us

Why Choose Decimal?

Decimal Technologies is the trusted no-code partner of the financial services industry in India. With more than 150 enterprise wide deployments, a large partner API ecosystem, and 14 years of experience delivering customer value, Decimal’s innovative no-code platform for enterprise is a proven and dependable partner for your business.

Our Key Differentiators

  • Applications deployed successfully in 8 out of Top 10 private banks in India

  • A mobile-first platform for truly native app development

  • Quickly build and deploy solutions on your cloud, on-premise or within our infrastructure.

  • Support for composable applications and AI augmented design

Our digital onboarding solution enables end-to-end customer acquisition through both self onboarding & assisted onboarding mediums with real time eKYC and vKYC.

  • Configure entire saving account opening journey for various constitution types like individual /joint / minor
  • Advanced needs for CASA acquisitions such as VKYC, API based fraud detections, rule engine based lead allocation and core banking integrations covered

  • Digital operations portal for backend ops teams to perform all document verification, data validation and approvals

  • Generate leads and initiate onboarding for Savings acount and Term Deposit accounts using two modes: sales agent mobile app or self serve progressive web app
  • Salary account onboarding with STP-like flow on a video-enabled service through a single call and first pass

Our DigiLend solution is a completely paperless, secure automated and intelligent platform that is powerful enough to cater to all the lending needs of banks and credit institutions, including customer onboarding, lead management and credit underwriting.

  • All types of loan services covered, including Personal Loan, Business Loan, Gold Loan, Home Loan, Auto Loan and Loan Against Property
  • Build tailor-made solutions for your unique business requirements using our modular architecture
  • Get data-driven insights to evaluate client risk and creditworthiness with our AI and ML-driven analytics services

We offer a highly scalable and customizable platform that allows you to plan, automate and manage performance and incentive payout plans for your sales teams


  • End to end automated incentive payout calculations
  • Payout simulator for planning complex scenarios and and making accurate payout projections
  • Run millions of transactions across data from multiple sources in seconds
  • Approval and exception mechanisms put control in your hands.
lead management software

Our Lead Management System gives your sales team AI-rated high quality leads with detailed insights and conversion recommendations, which enables sales automation and significantly brings down your cost of acquisition.

  • AI based lead rating, sentiment analysis, product recommendation and automated lead allocation
  • Sales productivity enablers such as day planners, GPS based route planning, dialers, WhatsApp integration, and voice notes
  • Detailed lead insights for sales team with early warnings and triggers as well as conversion recommendations
  • Customer self service apps, notifications and feedback

Customize your interactions with ETB customers and enhance your reach to NTB ones, while reducing cost as well as enhancing your digital presence, all with our video banking solutions.

  • Customer gets single-window access to multiple team members ensuring efficient and focused redressal of queries and needs.
  • Enhance personalization for the customer by sharing relevant information instantly and providing focused attention to guide them through complex processes
  • Reduce operational costs by reducing the time taken by your team to interact with each customer
Video KYC
Lead creation

Using Decimal’s powerful no-code platform, you can quickly and comprehensively automate your core business processes. Building RPA’s, integrating diverse legacy systems and databases, and using AI and new age technologies to create state of the art applications can all be done quickly and efficiently through our end to end application development platform.

  • Implement business process management to streamline your processes and enhance efficiency
  • Use technologies like RPA and AI to improve top and bottom lines.
  • Identify and eliminate manual processes that lead to slowdowns and bottlenecks in your business processes