Decimal introduces contact-less and remote onboarding workflow for opening Corporate salary accounts using VideoKYC authentication procedures as mandated by RBI.

Journey can be initiated in two modes :-

  1. Employee starts the journey by clicking on ‘Create Corporate Salary Account’ link available on Corporate intranet portal.
  2. HR initiates the onboarding process by generating a PWA (Progressive Web App) link which is sent to employee’s mobile ID and official email ID.
    1. Intranet Portal Account Initiation
  1. Employee logs into Corporate Intranet portal and clicks on “Create Corporate Salary Account” weblink
  2. Employee enters basic details in portal and initiates onboarding journey
  3. A PWA link is generated which is sent to employee’s mobile ID and official email ID.
  4. App follows the customer onboarding process like – capturing & verifying the customer details & generates an account number after validating the details.
  5. User starts with providing Mobile (validated with OTP), Aadhaar Number & PAN for validations. And continues to the onboarding process.
  6. User’s personal details are fetched from Aadhaar after validation.
  7. Alternate Aadhaar workflows such as Digilocker, XML verification can also be utilized
  8. Default communication address would be user’s current location. User can reset this address.
  9. Once basic details have been submitted, customer can fulfill KYC via the following modes–
    1. Video KYC –
      1. User can initiate videoKYC authentication with bank-appointed RM to fulfill authentication in real time
      2. Customer can choose among self-verification mode or agent-assisted mode to initiate respective workflows. Once customer selects “Start VideoKYC Now” option, customer is asked to enter OTP to authenticate & verify before self-KYC workflow is initiated.
      3. Customer captures selfie which can be verified against customer image extracted from KYC document.
      4. Customer consent is captured for recording of self-KYC video. Customer records video and liveness test is performed
      5. Employee is asked to hold employee ID in front of camera and capture the same
      6. Employee ID is captured and validated against existing HRMS database. Also, image matching among ID image and customer selfie
      7. Automated AI/ML algorithms provide percentage matching status of all data captured via videoKYC  to agent for approval/rejection. Employee’s live location is also matched against official address location for fraud check
    2. Other Onboarding modes available 
      1. Self-KYC –
        1. If Self-KYC is selected, customer is shown nearest physical Kiosk (available within office premises or nearby) to complete the fullKYC journey.
        2. As soon as user selects the nearby kiosk, it generates a QR code.
        3. User has to scan this QR code against the kiosk machine for verification.
        4. User completes the Full KYC on device available in office cafeteria.
        5. Signature can be captured using the pad attached with the tablet.
      2. Agent KYC –
        1. User can select Date, time & venue for appointment and agent will visit employee at aforementioned venue and time to fulfil FullKYC
  10. Employee’s account is created upon successful KYC verification and employee can now enjoy full services of banking account.
  11. As part of CorpSal account opening, company code or corporate ID will be automatically tagged against customer account information 
    1. HR initiated account opening

HR initiated account opening journey remains similar as account opening process above except that HR triggers PWA link to be sent to employee’s mobile number and official email ID. Application validates employee’s Mobile number & official email ID for onboarding initiation.

Rest of the process remains similar as explained above.

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