Before dataOn

Mobile Apps, though convenient to use, are a pain to Design, Develop and Test causing Long deployment cycle before an app reaches the hands of the users.

After dataOn

Our Low Code Platform provides you with freedom to go from Idea to App in no time. It gives you the power to rapidly scale without ever touching the code

Rapid App Development Framework

The business needs and competition are changing at a break neck speed. The barriers to entry are so low that new players are coming out of nowhere and disrupting industries through technology-led products, services, and business models. To compete enterprises must constantly find ways to

  1. Innovate and differentiate themselves
  2. Do things better, faster and cheaper
  3. Engage customers through all channels

dataOn is a Low Code Platform using which mobile and web applications can be developed and deployed quickly with low to no coding at all. It helps in reducing development time by upto 80%.

Target Audience
  • Banking
  • Lending Firms
  • Insurance
  • Retail Sector
Key Features
  • Custom Interfaces
  • Dynamic UI
  • Cloud Integration
  • Always updated Apps

Reduced Time to Market


User Satisfaction Improvement


Improved App Security


Improved App Availability


Customer Engagement Channels


Time to regain control

of your App Ecosystem

It’s no secret that traditional application development processes doom projects to failure. Hence, we engineered our dataOn Platform to simplify the development and deployment of custom enterprise apps. Now, you can stay ahead of rapidly evolving customer expectations and digital disruptions at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional app delivery.

Our experts understand business needs and accordingly model the platform to best fit your organization needs. Reach out to find out how much saving is possible with our Offerings

Easier Done than Said

Powerful features to eliminate the stress of building & maintaining Apps
Rapid Speed

dataOn provides lot of flexibility. Allows you to respond to business needs at speed of market, not IT

Low Maintainance

Easy to maintain with its run time deployment. End user need not install new APK to see updates.

Low Ownership Cost

Brings down total cost of ownership drastically.

Bye Bye Code

Helps develop native applications by configuration. It no code/low code platform.

Enterprise Ready

Whatever your scale, it’s now possible to deploy Mobile Apps at unbelievable speeds

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence from the future, delivered today. Smart Analysis Tools predict configuration errors; before they become errors

Intelligent Dashboards

Graphs, Pie Charts or any other custom data visualisations at your disposal. Plot all the relevant metrics to gather new insights

Omni Channel Support

All our offerings are backed by Round-the-Clock support for all aspects of the Platform

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