Decimal 2.0 , Beginning of a new Transformative Journey

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Decimal 2.0 is a promise to our customers. It’s our aspiration to revolutionize the banking Industry.

As part of this metamorphism process, we have come out with 4 pillars that will help bring about Digital transformation of our client’s business. Combining these 4 Ps (Product, People, Process, and Place) we are set to create a unique value proposition for our client. Let me explain how…

Product – The kind of speed business is evolving today, only a well thought through chassis driven product and a configuration platform can support this pace. An idea can’t be experimented, or hypothesis can’t be approved or ruled out if you can’t test in 3-4 weeks’ time.  Our digital banking product solves for this, for most of the processes on the retail side of the business and we are expanding our product features each week.

People – It’s the self-motivated Individuals who can make a self-organized team that’s the recipe for agile ways of working. With Decimal 2.0, we have a huge focus on bringing business agility by focusing on agile mindset, methods and tools. People are in the center of this focus. We are not only adding skills from outside but also up-skilling and cross-skilling existing people based on their talent, interests, and aspirations.

Process- We are trying to strike a balance between flexibility and stability, a fine equilibrium between order and chaos. We are looking into each and every process very carefully and crafting a lean and lightweight process that helps us being swift to help with faster Time to Market for our clients.

Place – A good, conducive and warm environment helps people to do things differently, let creative juices flow and increase productivity. We inherited nice visual theme from our newly christened brand logo and created a beautiful ambience in a newly moved facility. We want to be the best at what we do and hence believe that workplace plays a very important role.

If you are our existing customers, you should be able to experience the impact of Decimal 2.0 gradually in every conversation and interactions. If you are new to us, you will be amazed to meet our newly energized team.

Welcome to Decimal 2.0…

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