View real time performance, simulate cycle end incentives and receive guidance to meet targets

Automate Incentives.
Motivate Salesforce

Highly configurable and scalable platform to plan, automate and manage performance and incentive plans. Create KPIs, attach Data Sources, Transform data basis KPI needs and Define Rules on the go with adjustable incentive cycles

Built for Scale

Automated Incentive Calculation

Eliminates tedious manual process by incorporating intelligent module that instantly calculates incentive against pre-defined KPI(s). 

Incentive Simulator

Scenario builder to project cycle end incentives

Built For Scale

Configure multiple data sources using database, APIs, files. Ability to process millions of transaction at high performance 

Complex Incentive Plan Management

Configure most complex incentive plans and KPI’s without any restrictions. Change on the fly to launch new plans.

Mirror Your Business

Configurable complex scenario handling for gating, capping, spillover, retention, clawback, KPI, booster, docker, payout, etc

Approval and Exceptions

Approval and exception workflow engine allows raising exception and approval simultaneously

Real Time Incentives

Intuitive graphical interface provides real time view into sales incentives and payout to sales representatives and DSA’s. Full transparency into computations, eligibility, underlying transactions and approved and rejected cases. Notification capabilities allow supervisors to broadcast important messages to sales reps to meet their targets.

Incentive Planning and Execution

  • Plan extremely flexible incentive cycles at weekly, monthly, quarterly levels or any custom choices. Change incentive structures and experiment with projected incentives.

  • Manage team incentives with ease and change assignments at KPI levels. Manage vendors or agents, configure their payouts, configure invoicing and integrate with financial systems for payouts.

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