Ask yourself if you have ever encountered the following scenario:-

  1. Your Business Team has a product that they want to launch in the market
  2. You decide to connect with your users via internet/mobility platform to ensure maximum outreach
  3. You put together a team of designers, developers, product managers to ideate and create this product/application
  4. Your application prototype undergoes multiple drafts since it does not satisfy the business stakeholders and hence the design/development cycle is repeated.
  5. Finally, the app undergoes rigorous testing and final reviews before finally deployed.

Unfortunately, between steps 3,4 & 5, a lot of time passes between the identified business need and the launch of the product leading to missing the market opportunity for the product or campaign. Your business team is not happy that it took such a long time, whereas your IT and development team morale suffers when the product doesn’t achieve its stated success even after due effort.

Mobile App development has come a long way since its early days when an army of software engineers would work on various aspects of the application and each stage of the development would entail lengthy timelines. Thankfully, apps are created much faster these days and with small, independent teams working in tandem to create the final product. However, if you have ever faced the above scenario you’ll know there still remains a significant gap between the idea and the execution.

Traditional App Development

Traditionally, app development takes the following form (captured beautifully by the BHW group):-

The Future

Imagine, however, if we could reduce the entire journey as explained above to a single workflow wherein you could create applications on the fly – design the application in an App Designer, Define user actions and elements, integrate the front-end UI with backend services via APIs and connectors and publish the prototype directly on to your mobile device.

Imagine creating custom bespoke applications using readily available APIs and connectors that takes care of your integrations.

Imagine designing an application through a simple, drag-and-drop interface that requires no coding or significant technical knowledge.

Imagine creating an enterprise application in minutes or hours instead of days.

Vahana – The Platform for the Future

With Vahana, our Rapid Application Development Platform, you can do all of the above and much more in a giffy.

With Vahana, we are ushering a new era of digitization driven by quick creation and rapid deployment, minimizing your overall ideation-to-launch life cycle to hours/days instead of months.

Vahana consists of 3 major tools:-

vDesigner is a simple, UI-enabled tool that allows you to build/design beautiful applications and user journeys through a simple drag-and-drop studio.


Using the vDesigner studio, one can add screens, design elements, define user interactions to create a complete experience for your application. The designer also allows you to configure various parameters and build & test validations on the application page. This helps to create and test models quickly and efficiently thus reducing your overall development-to-market lifecycle.

Once you have defined your sample user journey in the studio, our vConnect toolkit allows you to build/integrate your application with web services and backend databases via a configurations portal as shown below:-

Vahana Operations Portal (or vOps) is an underwriting and data verification portal for post application submission scrutiny and verification of customer details, automated workflow management, deal structuring, perform operational metrics such as performing financial analysis, credit scoring, risk profiling etc. Together with the other three tools, the Vahana platform allows you to create and end-to-end digital solution that takes care of all your business needs.


The Power of Creation – At your fingertips..

The world is moving slowly towards a DIY model, with applications empowering users to create something or achieve something that was previously not possible without specialized tools and skillset. Yet, creating applications themselves sometimes feel like a complicated process. It doesn’t have to be.

With Vahana, we tried answering the question – why should you wait for someone else to help build your product? What if you had a tool that allowed you to create your apps on the fly? Allow you to test and deploy multiple iterations of the product on your own before launching your final product.

With Vahana, creating your app on the vDesigner studio is as easy as following a step-by-step process:-

  1. Define your application
  2. Define the Form
  3. Drag and drop elements on to the native skin and define the element properties
  4. Keep adding elements to build the form
  5. Finally, publish your application and watch it come alive on your mobile screen.


Vahana comes pre-packaged with configurable connectors for databases, Core Banking solutions and external API services such as Credit Bureaus, OCR and KYC authentication. It has a plug-n-play existing enterprise assets model, out-of-the-box app security (addresses OWASP security concerns, role-based access control, support for enterprise auditing and logging), deployment workflow in line with CI/CD pipelines and 1-click deployment.

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