Before PlatWare

Every Enterprise needs to manage multiple business APIs which are exposed to partners and service providers. API management with different specs and endpoints can become a headache

After PlatWare

Central API management services with readily available integrations reduce hassles & TCO for enterprises. Our robust middleware ensures that agile front-end applications can readily communicate with core systems. 

Reliable Middleware at the core of your Business

A fully enabled mobile enterprise will have numerous mobile solutions interacting and engaging with hundreds of business APIs each fulfilling a specific task. In such a scenario, it is important to closely manage the application lifecycle from inception to retirement/refinement. Robust security features such as data encryption over network using RSA + AES algorithm, transport layer security enabled via SSL, TLS ; combined with Two-way integration with enterprise systems such as Oracle EBS, MySQL, IBM DB2 makes PlatWare the perfect choice for solving messy API architecture


PlatWare provides an end-to-end management service for deploying, monitoring, analyzing and reporting API usage, data consumption and application performance across the enterprise landscape.

Target Audience
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Retail Sector
  • Lending Firms
Key Features
  • User Key Management
  • Network layer Security
  • Database execution engine
  • Java Connectors

Improved App Security


User Satisfaction Improvement


Improved App Availability


Customer Engagement Channels


Single handed control of your vast API services

Traditional application management are usually slowed down by slow API changes. Platware is a robust, scalable, plug and play platform on which various mobile devices and enterprise systems can communicate over one platform.

Our experts understand business needs and accordingly model the platform to best fit your organization needs. Reach out to find out how much saving is possible with our Offerings

One Platform to rule all Integrations

Powerful features to eliminate the stress of building & maintaining backends

Platware provides Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment to keep the development moving at lightspeed

API Monitoring

Continuously monitor the health of all your enterprise wide APIs. Both public and private

Augmented Public API

Connect your systems with services to perform functions such as eKYC, AML, Dedupe check, Negative Database, CRN creation

Multi Level Auth

Platware offers multiple level of authentication level in enterprise application.


Decimal’s sync engine helps mobile application work in offline mode.Data will be synced with server when internet is available

Heavily Guarded

Robust security features such as data encryption over network using RSA + AES algorithm, transport layer security enabled via SSL, TLS 1.2


The whole platform is built on combination of tiny Microservices that coordinate and update each other to keep the machine running

Parallel API Manager

PlatWare provides the freedom to simultaneously Input & Output streams of data even from sequential APIs

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