Before PlatWare

Every Enterprise needs to manage multiple business APIs which are exposed to partners and service providers. API management with different specs and endpoints can become a headache

After PlatWare

Central API management services with readily available integrations reduce hassles & TCO for enterprises. Our robust middleware ensures that agile front-end applications can readily communicate with core systems. 

Reliable Middleware at the core of your Business

A fully enabled mobile enterprise will have numerous mobile solutions interacting and engaging with hundreds of business APIs each fulfilling a specific task. In such a scenario, it is important to closely manage the application lifecycle from inception to retirement/refinement. Robust security features such as data encryption over network using RSA + AES algorithm, transport layer security enabled via SSL, TLS ; combined with Two-way integration with enterprise systems such as Oracle EBS, MySQL, IBM DB2 makes PlatWare the perfect choice for solving messy API architecture

It’s a middleware platform which is based on microservices architecture, it consists of a suite of small grained, modular, self contained and independently deployable services. Each service runs a unique process and communicates through a well-defined, lightweight mechanism to serve a business goal.

The gateway abstracts microservices from their consumers, which provides flexibility to freely add or remove services deployments to adapt the load/demand of business transactions. It has multiple connectors which expose raw data to secure webservices, connect each other and share data among multiple consumer systems.


Platware offers this as Quick Easy Flexible integrations, Changes on the fly, Exponential speed to market, Highly scalable and secure with low Infra resources, With an eye toward API data analytics for Monitoring.

PlatWare provides an end-to-end management service for deploying, monitoring, analyzing and reporting API usage, data consumption and application performance across the enterprise landscape. 

Target Audience
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Retail Sector
  • Lending Firms
Key Features
  • User Key Management
  • Network layer Security
  • Database execution engine
  • Java Connectors

Faster Go To Market Integrations


Reduce IT Ops cost


Low risk on enterprise security


Re-usability of common API across enterprise


High availability of Business Services


Single handed control of your vast API services

Built-in Interface gateway and various data connectors enables any enterprise core system to be onboarded on this middleware platform in a jiffy. Faster troubleshooting and proactive monitoring helps reduce overall IT Opex. Hybrid cryptography algorithms (AES + RSA) and JWT access tokens makes our platform highly secure.

One Platform to rule all Integrations

Powerful features to eliminate the stress of building & maintaining backends

Platware provides Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment to keep the development moving at lightspeed

API Monitoring

Continuously monitor the health of all your enterprise wide APIs. Both public and private

Augmented Public API

Connect your systems with services to perform functions such as eKYC, AML, Dedupe check, Negative Database, CRN creation

Multi Level Auth

Platware offers multiple level of authentication level in enterprise application.


Decimal’s sync engine helps mobile application work in offline mode.Data will be synced with server when internet is available

Heavily Guarded

Robust security features such as data encryption over network using RSA + AES algorithm, transport layer security enabled via SSL, TLS 1.2


The whole platform is built on combination of tiny Microservices that coordinate and update each other to keep the machine running

Parallel API Manager

PlatWare provides the freedom to simultaneously Input & Output streams of data even from sequential APIs


Configurable Orchestration

Orchestration is the traditional way of handling interactions between different services. With orchestration, there is typically one controller that acts as the “orchestrator” of the overall service interactions. This typically follows a request/response type pattern. Our configurable platform helps to define parallel, sequential, batch and schedule processing for various Business transactions.

Parallel Processing

In complex integrations and Services having bundle of APIs interacting to different endpoints for a functional outcome, Speed and high processing capability makes platform standout from basic API Managers. Our system processes the APIs in parallel to reduce the response time.

No code integration

Our platform provides connector which can integrate various webservice like REST based, SOAP based and XML over HTTP and HTTPS layer. It has in built functions which provides customization and configurable in different parts of HTTP Request. We can configure HEADER, POST BODY, URL and URL, Proxy Server.

Proactive Monitoring

Information technology is a business enabler and the lifeblood of modern organisations. While effective IT boosts productivity and your bottom line, unplanned downtime puts your business’s profitability and reputation at stake.

  • monitoring all server event logs.
  • monitoring for services transactional traffic.
  • monitoring backup status, whether on-site or remote.
  • monitoring system bottlenecks (system processes, processor/ram utilization, etc.)
  • real-time Inventory collection and web-based reporting


Monitoring is performed 24x7x365 by configuring the hosted software that you select to perform these tasks to send you an email or SMS alert whenever an event occurs that needs your attention.

We use openstack technologies for storing time based events and visualise it using Grafana UI.

Database as Webservice

It took time to develop webservice which can interact with SQL based data stores like Oracle, PostgreSQL or mySQL. Our platform provided connectors which can connect to different SQL based database and execute service like Stored procedure, Functions and Sequences. These are exposed as Web Service to end consumer applications to process and visualize the data.

J-Connect / P-Connect

Our platform supports to run custom Java and Python based code and expose this as a Web Service. It helps run the code on the fly without any containers or servlets which can expose like controllers. These connectors connect directly to JAR file and Python build to provide functionality of public methods exposed in a file as Web Service.

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