CASA Onboarding

Our COP Solution provide banks with a platform for frictionless digital account opening. We enable financial institutions to acquire more customers through an easier, faster experience while improving efficiency with an end-to-end digital experience.

Our Products comfort the customer that you know them; that you will look out for their personalized needs; and that you will ultimately reward them for their business

Digital Lending

Razor-thin margins, increasing regulations and siloed departments are just a few of the challenges facing financial institutions today. We Revolutionize your paper-laden traditional lending process with a solution that streamlines loan processing, by providing proactive assistance and communication to customers and avoids costly follow-up loops.

With loans closing faster and with greater efficiency, compliance and security, you’ll elevate your customers’ experience to a new level of long-term value.

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Lead Management

Whether you are sourcing Leads centrally or through your field teams, leads are expensive. Our Lead Manager  helps your organization substantially accelerate customer acquisition cycle across Current accounts, Saving accounts & Retail Asset products.

Now make sure that every prospect is attended to. Get complete visibility into your Sales pipeline and Performance

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Incentive Management

The comprehensive sales performance AI platform that leverages predictive analytics to power your entire sales resource planning. Inject sales planning with smart insights to increase agility, achieve alignment between sales and finance.

Motivate your Sales team by bringing transparency in the Sales Incentive system. A simulation tool that encourages the Sales person to do more

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Collections Management

Our debt collection solution, delivers a wide range of functionalities and flexibility, with a surprisingly short implementation time. Now you can Optimize collections with intelligent system actions for pre-due date and post due date scenarios. It also helps in maintaining consistent follow-ups with the customers for their upcoming collections.

Our primary goal is to help banks improve the recovered amounts while optimizing collection costs.

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