Let the Bank go to the Customer

Decimal offers a completely digital omni channel solution covering end-to-end customer acquisition process starting from Lead capture to Welcome Kit delivery. We ensure that our solution complies with the regulatory framework. It offers value of complete digital ecosystem by providing integrations with various data source APIs like Aadhaar, PAN, GSTN, RoC and many more.

The solution covers all channels of customer acquisition including Self Service, Sales Team Assisted onboarding, Branch Walk-ins and Banking Correspondents. It also covers all involved stakeholders including Operations, Branch and Risk teams.

Configurable Workflows

Workflow engine allows for quick changes in workflows for Branch, DVU, Risk and Sales hierarchies and supports Sole, Joint, Minor, Sole Prop, Partnership, Company and Society/Trust accounts

Designed for Scale

The solution is developed on our low code platform, dataOn and our middleware platform PlatWare offering scalability suitable even for the largest banks. The solution also offers flexibility to allow changes to manage ever changing regulatory and business environment.

Intelligent Discrepancy Management

Our exception management module allows for configuration of rules to identify discrepancies in submitted forms and take decision to go through STP process or manual form verification through RPC/CPC.

Customer/User Experience Centric

The solution is designed, keeping user and customer persona in mind to offer the best experience. While ensuring experience for adoption, it follows the defined business processes for compliance and risk management.

Seamless experience

As financial institutions move toward becoming more customer-focused and profitable, the spotlight is on an adept, digital, agile, and versatile onboarding process. A user-friendly onboarding process creates a long-lasting and favorable first impression on clients and impacts revenue in-flows.

Our extensive expertise in BFSI landscape, helps deliver a frictionless onboarding experience, setting the best possible foundation for client relationships.

Go Paperless with new Current/Savings Accounts

Our Innovative, cost-effective technology enhance business productivity to a new level. The re-engineering of client onboarding and account maintenance delivers significant improvements and cost-savings in operations. Watch your onboarding streamlined with features like account administration, AML/KYC/fraud monitoring, and account transfers for a global financial services firm

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