Simplified Collections Solution For Banks

Our comprehensive EMI Collections solution helps you automate the collections management process, prioritize collection related activities and monitor performance through innovative reports and dashboards. Our primary goals are to increase collector’s productivity, reduce costs and improve loan recovery rate

Cost Reduction

Automated Payment and Reconciliation, Smart Case Allocation and Completely Digital Process ensures costs are low through optimal use of collection resources.

Productivity Increase

Instant Customer Identity and Credit evaluation, Automated bank statement analysis, Prioritized work lists, 360 degree customer information enables maximum productivity

Dashboard & Reports

Our configurable dashboards with an intuitive interface helps senior management derive key insights about recovery rate and enables decision making before it gets late


Customizable and Out of the box reports to identify bottle necks in process and monitor agents’ and vendors’ performance

Streamlined process for Collections Agents

Smart task allocation, Automated payment and reconciliation process, Automated correspondence and Prioritized work lists helps Agent’s plan better. Our 360 degree customer view helps Agent track all Payments and Correspondence activities for every customer in one place

By making it easier for your customers to make timely payments, we can help you generate more, higher-value payments.

Gather Insights using a comprehensive image of debtors

Using collection strategies adopted to the customer portfolio structure is the key to success! Our software provides management insights about customer behavior and repaying patterns. We give you the tools that lets the credit institution manage the flow of the portfolio throughout the various stages of debt lifecycle

We give you the tools that lets the credit institution manage the flow of the portfolio throughout the various stages of the debt lifecycle.

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