Intelligent Incentive Management Solution

This Solution helps Sales Force track their Incentives and Performance ratings on every-day basis. Graphical representation of the Incentives earned and ratings makes the solution more effective. Incentive Simulator keeps the Sales Force motivated by providing suggestive figures based on plan.

Specially designed mLearning module provides function specific trainings on the go. The inbuilt notification mechanism enables supervisors to interact with their subordinates proactively

Maximize Return

Dynamic tracking of sales and eligibility helps Sales Force prioritize customers. Inbuilt Analytics Engine enables suggestive selling to identify customers for X-sell and Up-sell

Eliminate Surprises

Get rid of shocks encountered by Sales Force Managers and pacifying them. As against monthly rollout of incentives, let your Sales Force track incentives dynamically while improving motivation and revenue generation.

Reduce OpEx

Automated Incentive calculation process and predefined algorithms reduces human errors and employee grievances resulting into reduced operating overheads.

Maximize Earnings

Keep your Sales Force aligned and motivated by providing dynamic view of their potential earning.

With You Everywhere

Give your reps the tools they need to stay informed – anywhere, anytime. Accessible from any iOS or Android device. Our mobile solution allows reps access to on-demand performance information while they’re on the go. Understand performance against quota attainment in easy to read charts and graphs. Our reporting tools and dashboards provide real-time visibility to reps and management in order to identify trends and opportunities.

From planning to design and calculations with added reporting and analytics, our Solution makes even the most complicated compensation program easy to manage and error free.

Stay on edge with Intelligent Sales Planning

Our comprehensive sales performance AI platform leverages predictive analytics to power your entire sales resource planning and performance management process. Increase agility, achieve alignment between sales and finance. Automate your commissions processes to cut costs, mitigate risk, and close the books sooner

Now Incentive visibility is in Hours, not Days

Empower your Team and boost your Sales with our proven Solutions