The entire world is getting connected more and more every second. More then 800+ Telecom Operators and 30,000 Registered Banks and countless other institutes across the Globe and with addition of FinTech companies in past decade who has holding the largest subscriber base across the globe, indeed the world has become a village. All these institutes are using digital platforms to offer various services to its subscribers and recent approach has been more

Couple of decade back where the Subscribers were approaching all these institutes to avail any services with difficulties, The Digital Technologies have allowed the Institutes to change the way of Customer Services drastically and now Customers get any kind of services at Finger Tips by using the Digital means. One of the key differentiator for all these Services Providers is that they are able to collaborate with each other and offer various products to end consumers under one umbrella. With the Traditional systems this was a Dream, What changed the Line of Business is APIs – Way of communication between Solutions. A single application which can give you all sort of information and services is no longer a Dream due to APIs. No Doubt Customer has been the biggest gainer with all these, It has given the Institutes to make lucrative decisions rapidly. To give an example, The Banks are able to Lend money as big as 1 Million USD in less than 2 Hours, that too securely by considering all key Parameters. Furthermore, Technologies like AI and Machine Learning is allowing Banks to make quick decisions to lend money to the people having no Financial Background and historical data. APIs has given a great flexibility to Systems and Business overcoming the Challenges of legacy communication based of Files, FTP & Data dump and making things real-time and more secured.


While APIs are acting as a Godfather to many industries, it has limitations as well. One of the key showstopper is, Different Systems uses different Language which requires some special development in order to communicate with other systems ending in Code Duplication, Ex, a Java Code and .NET code to communicate with a same system and same functionalities. Secondly, the newer Systems mainly focusing on Micro-Service based Architecture, It requires great skills and efforts to manage and monitor the APIs and its performance to get the best results out of the system.

Decimal Technology has built a state-of-the-art Communication Manager “Platware” to get most out of APIs. It’s latest innovative features allows any API integration within short span of time and almost No-Code. Platware has been designed keeping in mind to overcome the challenges System and Business faces with traditional approach of consuming APIs. It enables enterprises to seamlessly integrate with n number of Systems and manage entire communication stack from single portal. Drop me an email @ to know more!

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