Provide a personalized and convenient customer experience while reducing operational costs

Create a Branchless Banking Experience

A Video Banking Solution that brings 100+ products & services including investment in Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits, Mutual Funds, IPOs & Equities through a single gateway under a single umbrella offering Customized Access, Personalized Offers and Secure Transactions due to end-to-end encryption and OTP verification without the need for customers to visit a branch.

Built for Scale

Customer Engagement

A user-friendly experience, allowing customers to initiate video calls with just a few clicks, leading to increased engagement.

Service Requests

Streamlines service requests by enabling customers to submit their inquiries through video calls, eliminating the need for multiple channels of communication.


Facilitate seamless transactions by providing a secure and intuitive interface for customers to conduct a wide range of banking activities, from fund transfers to bill payments, all within the video call.

Customer Onboarding

With integrated eKYC and digital signature capabilities, our solution ensures compliance while expediting the onboarding journey, eliminating the need for physical visits or cumbersome paperwork.
Video Banking Architecture on No-Code

Flexible Solution Architecture

 A modular and flexible architecture, allowing for easy customization and seamless integration with existing banking systems. It incorporates robust encryption mechanisms and compliance with industry standards. Additionally, the solution leverages cloud-based infrastructure to provide scalability, allowing it to handle varying levels of customer demand without compromising performance.

Here’s how Decimal Technologies created India’s first branchless banking experience on Vahana Cloud.

Video Banking

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