Our enterprise grade business solutions powered by low code, no code technology platform ‘Vahana’ help us define front end journeys, customize workflow,  configure intelligent decisioning and integrate with core systems and external eco-system. We have always been known for digitizing customer onboarding and fulfilment processes in the earliest possible time frame.

We are experts in what we do and we take pride in it

We are a tribe of passionate, proactive and committed individuals connected with the common purpose of making our customers successful with excellent solutions. We understand the banking domain more than anybody else that helps us define the user journey with minimum friction.

We are agile and flexible to understand the client’s need for quick time to market and come up with MVP (minimum viable product) needed to launch the idea and iterate. We have a fully integrated API hub that helps us to leverage speed while connecting with the eco-system faster.

Story behind
the Decimal logo

At Decimal, our single largest value is to do everything keeping the Customer at the Center. Our name and logo design exert the same spirit by keeping ‘C’ustomer at the center and highlighting it in a passionate red color.

Journey So Far!

10+ Years Of Success

Decimal is a tribe of 300+ experts from various areas. UX designer to Domain experts, App builders, Front end, Middleware, Database and Cloud Technologists, Program and Product managers, Account managers and Passionate Business Development and HR professionals.

Meet Our Tribe

Lalit Mehta
Lalit Mehta
Lalit holds a MBA from IIM A and is a Mechanical Engineer with 22 years of senior management experience.
Arvind Nahata
Arvind Nahata
Arvind has wide experience in Sales, Marketing, Product Development.
Manish Sharma
Manish Sharma
CBO - Saarathi
With over two decades of experience under his belt, Manish has held several leadership positions at global companies
Dinesh Parekh
Dinesh Parekh
President Solutions Business
Dinesh is a Mechanical Engineer from NIT Durgapur with 30+ years of experience.
Yogesh Sharma
Yogesh Sharma
President - Vahana
Yogesh has 19 years of experience in Strategy, Consulting, Product development and Analytics.
Vivek Jhamb
Vivek Jhamb
Head - CSM
Vivek has over 17 years of experience in Sales and large team management
Vineet Sharma
Vineet Sharma
Head - Operations
19+ years of core HR experience in diverse sectors such as Management Consulting
Shikha Dhillon
Shikha Dhillon
H. R Head
Shikha has extensive experience of over 17 years in HR

Manager – HR

Ashutosh Sharma
Sr. Manager – Program Management

Gunjan Mehta
Head – Learning & Development

Parijat Ghosh
Sr.Manager – Presales

Aishwerya Srivastava
Asstt. Manager – Business Development

Prateek Gandhi
Sr. Manager – Marketing & Communications

Sonam Bhakna
Manager Product Development

Ketan Mittal
Assistant Manager – Presales

Kshitij Sharma
Assistant Manager – Presales

Kuntal Mazumdar
Customer Success Manager

Mitali Jain
Asstt. Manager – Customer Success

Nakul Anand
Enterprise Architect

K. Vinod Kumar
Asstt. Product Manager

Neeraj Chopra
Manager – Program Management

Nayab Abbasi
Regional Manager (North) – Sales

Ravi Chauhan
Assistant Manager – Program Management

Vikas Dhillon
Manager Product Development

Rohit Shenoy
Customer Success Manager

Sandeep Raina
Assistant Manager – Program Management

Vipin Verma
Manager Product Development

Aswin Manoj
Product Manager

Arpit Sharma
Product Manager

Rahul Verma
Product Manager

Ankit Jain
Assistant Manager – Business Consulting

Prateek Chaturvedi

Saurabh Kedia

Sulabh Agarwal
Manager – Finance & Accounts

Vivek Saxena
Sr. Programme Manager

Sonali Parashar
Assistant Manager – Talent Acquisition

Vinay Kumar
Lead – Solution Architect

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