Build enterprise-grade applications on a full-stack No-Code Platform


Hand rolling code is fun sometimes, but not ideal for a quick time-to market in a secure and scalable manner.

Vahana Cloud - Decimal Technologies

Vahana provides you with drag and drop visual designer and middleware to create enterprise grade applications.

No Code Required

No Re-Deployment

Low Ownership Cost

Minimal Time To Market

A/B Use Case Testing


Integrated application design module supporting drag and drop approach to built native application on andriod and IOS

  • 50+ Action/Tasks on elements

  • Workflow Builder

  • Pre-defined Templates

  • Migration and Version Control

  • Access Control and User Management

More Features : Rapidly configure Email, SMS and push notification for applications Get inbuilt features such as GPS & maps, Image Capture, Image Upload and Barcode/QR scanner.


It helps various mobile applications, web applications and enterprise systems communicate over one platform.

vConnect act as API gateway, ESB and API manager

Robust, Scalable & Intelligent Middleware

Secure Once, Build Again

  • Strong Data Encryption Algorithm

  • Session Management

  • IMEI/SIM Authentication

  • IP Whitelisting/Filtering

  • Digital Signing

Orchestrate and Manage APIs

  • Create micro services

  • Trace and monitor APIs and services

  • Manage environments

  • API audit logs

Easy Integration

  • Quickly configure SOAP/REST APIS

  • Expose or consume databases as APIs

  • Expose your code as Lambda services


vFlow is a powerful tool for managing digital workflows, document verification, automated queue management, reporting and monitoring dashboard that can be configured for use by multiple stakeholders, onboarding everyone on to a single platform thereby bringing transparency and reducing redundancy.  


Set Of Additional Tools

Set of additional tools that enable completion of digitization workflows

  • Document Manager

    • Manage your different type of documents
    • Different type of storage systems
    • Detailed level filters
  • Enrichment Engine

    • Transform data captured through front-end or ingested through APIs
    • Perform various validation checks, apply business rules, orchestrate multiple conditions and define an output data structure
  • Scoring Engine

    • Standardize the practise of model score calculations
    • Enables scoring such as credit scoring based on input parameters with configurations dynamically assigned
  • No dependency on Infra Team. Any Tech-functional guy can configure a scheduled a schedule Job.


vScheduler is an Enterprise Job Scheduling tool that helps users integrate applications, databases, apis and technologies into end-to-end workflows. It provides advanced scheduling capabilities that simplify complex scheduled Jobs. It supports granular date/time scheduling and drag-and-drop scheduling to quickly design new jobs.
  • Run any job any time. Get alerts on job execution

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