SI and Consulting Partnerships

Decimal partners with multiple System Integrators and Consulting Solution providers to bring its solutions and services to the market. Solutions that Decimal provides on the back of it’s “No-Code” platform Vahana  help partners accelerate the solution that they in turn provide to their customers.

To become a SI or consulting partner with Decimal contact us at

API Partnerships

When focusing on the client’s perspective we may find scenarios where the client requires specifically what we are providing, or we may find other scenarios where the client needs what we provide in conjunction with offerings from other Fin Tech partners.

Continuing with our ethos of accelerating application development – with a LEGO Block approach – we have launched Vahana Hub an API aggregation Hub and marketplace,

As of today, we have 80+ leading API providers hosted on VahanaHub with more than 1000+ pre-integrated APIs.



For the end customer

VAHANA HUB is a complete, intuitive and scalable API platform that lets you seamlessly source APIS from multiple Fintech providers – in a secure and scalable way. VAHANA Hub is built around making the API adoption experience as seamless as possible. You connect to an aggregate API hub and source APIs for all potential use cases within BFSI. (KYC, Scoring, Profiling, Verification, Legal Signatures and Mandates etc.) . If you have existing arrangements with API providers – you can leverage your existing authentication details with VAHANA Hub. 

For the partners

VAHANA HUB is a complete, intuitive and scalable API platform that lets you create, securely expose, manage and monetize APIs across clouds. This means you and your customers can power digital applications and spur innovation. VAHANA HUB expands your reach in the market and enables your customer to accelerate their adoption of your APIs. Your APIs and branding are transparently visible to the end customer. To become a partner and host your APIs on the Vahana Hub.

To understand how you can leverage Vahana Hub please contact us at

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