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Built for Security

User Verification

Automated KYC authorization through digital biometric identities through built-in connectors with National ID database.

Entity Verification

Automated entity verification through GSTIN. The solution auto populates information from the GSTIN database to minimize data entry errors.

Credit Checks & Fraud Detection

Our current account system also provides automated credit checks for the company by connecting to a credit bureau database.

Company Data Capture

The solution allows banks and financial institutions to capture relevant information about the company, such as Company name, Industry type, Sub Industry ,Employee count, and Annual revenue.

current account application

Omnichannel Experience

The solution is available as both web and mobile/tab based applications. The customer can carry over their application from one medium to another in case they drop off during the process, ensuring a smooth and omnichannel experience for them.

Digital Ops Support

Dedicated digital operations portal to ensure support for your backend team’s work, such as document verification, data validation, and approvals for customer submitted data. 

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