Real time eKYC and vKYC to onboard customers digitally.

Standard onboarding

Our typical digital onboarding workflow assign the leads from various source systems and assigns them to the corresponding bank agent through the manual & auto allocation. Once the necessary KYC verification has been done & relevant documents have been captured all the important information related to the initial payment is captured and send to core banking systems.

Savings, Current Account Onboarding

Our proprietary vahana platform enables us to configure the entire saving account opening journey for various constitution types like individual /joint / minor making it suitable for any platform and for all sourcing channels.

During last 10 years with various bank’s CASA implementations we have perfected our savings journey to cater to most advanced needs of the customer such as, recently regulated VKYC, API based fraud detections, rule engine based lead allocation and all important core banking integrations to enable real time activation of account

Digital Ops portal for Operations Team

Our digital operations portal enable the backend Ops teams to perform their operations activities such as document verification, data validation & approval for the customer submitted data. Our proprietary responsive web solution for Ops teams gives them flexibility to approve/reject, digitally upload documents & perform various online checks like de-dupe, AML check, UN fraud check, NSDL-PAN verification, etc all in a single screen for one view visibility and operational simplicity

Remote SA + TD Account Onboarding

Decimal provides two modes to source SA + TD accounts using sales agent mobile app and self serve progressive web app to generate lead & initiate onboarding. This workflow is applicable for both NTB/ETB customers. Leads can either be uploaded into the system via CRM integration or can be self-generated. vKYC module is integrated into the workflow. It has built-in checks for agent availability, vKYC success/failure & scheduling of the appointment. TD summary e-slip can be generated & mailed to the customer instantly after account activation in real time

Corporate Salary Onboarding

Our corporate salary onboarding solution provides STP-like flow on a video-enabled service to ensure successful onboarding through a single call and first pass. Agent will has access to all data and dashboard to perform quick actions. From a design perspective, the entire journey/flow appears seamless and intuitive to both customer as well as agent. Solution will allow the bank agent to capture all the customer data online using OCR and API’s to auto-populate and reduce manual effort. Solution integrates In-call Aadhaar Verification, third party VKYC modules that allows customer to perform Aadhaar verification & IP funding from the same webpage for seamless experience

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