Make your sales team 10X more productive with the power of AI.

AI Enabled Lead Fulfillment

AI Based Capabilities

Lead Scoring

Automated Lead Allocation

Intelligent Day Planner

Product Recommendation Engine

Sentiment Analysis

Sales Productivity Enablers

Dialler Integration

Card Scan & Automated data capture

Whatsapp Integration

GPS-based automated route planning

Voice Notes

Customer Enablers

Self-Service Application

Direct Customer Feedback

Notification Engine

Sales Insights

Detailed insights & early warning triggers

Sales Pipeline Conversion recommendation

Lead creation

Lead Creation

  • Self Lead Generation via digital mobile/web application interface
  • Activity led lead generation/creation via Marketing Campaigns, planned outreach, etc.
  • Lead input via APIs/Web Service integration with existing CRM toolkit or Bulk upload of leads (excel  based)

Credit Assessment

  • Automated Lead allocation based on predefined rulesets or AI-enabled allocation planner
  • Manual lead allocation capability provided to sales supervisor for manual allocation
  • Sales and User hierarchy maintenance
  • Intelligent reallocation logic based deactivated/ terminated/resigned sales users
Lead management
lead management software

Lead Fulfillment

  • Lead One View
  • Lead interaction/engagement history
  • Automated Lead Scoring
  • Intelligent Recommendation Engine based on lead profile
  • Lead Conversion Tracker

Business Analytics and Reporting

  • Lead Fulfillment Report
  • Team Activity Summary Report
  • Hierarchical reporting dashboard
  • SMS/Email notifications and alerts for daily reports and priority leads
  • Charts/Dashboard, Team  View, Calendar, Query Analysis
Lead Management System

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