Provide in-principal approval in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

Digitize MSME Lending

Faster Approval Cycle

Seamlessly transition from manual processes to a digitized lending solution through our powerful API integrations available on Vahana Hub – An API Marketplace. Conduct credit assessment using daily business parameters such as customer footfalls, inventory turnover etc. using aproprietary credit scoring engine.

Built for Speed

Lead Capture from multiple sources

Centralized lead management to efficiently nurture, track and convert leads.

Digital Onboarding & KYC Management

Through seamless integration with digital identity verification services, businesses can swiftly onboard themselves, completing KYC requirements swiftly and securely.

Eligibility Check Integrations with Bureaus

¬†Access and analyze an applicant’s credit history, financial data, and other relevant information from multiple sources effortlessly.

Configurable Business Rule Engine

Build, model and deploy rules with an auto-service creation feature, and ensure accurate decision-making with our in-built policy engine and scorecard.

Analysis of Financial Data

Aggregate and analyze financial data from diverse sources in one consolidated view for a comprehensive understanding of an applicant’s financial health.

Document Management System

Capture and upload documents at ease. Our robust system ensures secure storage and easy access, empowering both lenders and applicants.

Ease of Collaboration

Connect legal, technical, RCU, and FI teams with dedicated modules, fostering streamlined communication and data sharing.

Reports and Dashboards

Leverage dynamic dashboards for real-time insights and effortlessly generate actionable reports. And, also maintain transparency and compliance through robust audit trails.

MSME Loans

Lead Onboarding and Application Sourcing

  1. Digital lead profiling & KYC authentication
  2. Omni-channel communication through SMS/ email
  3. Document capture
  4. Dedupe check
  5. Calendar management & activity planner for sales force
  6. Intelligent lead allocation basis configurable rules

Digital Underwriting and Credit Appraisal

  1. 360 degree customer view
  2. Multi-bureau integration & risk reporting
  3. PD based assessment
  4. Configurable scoring engine, business rule engine & policy configurator
  5. External vendor integration (FI, legal, technical, etc.)
  6. Financial & bank statement analyser
  7. Hierarchy based approval and exception management
  8. Alternate data assessment using SMS, utility bills, etc.
MSME loans
MSME loans

Disbursal and Post-Sanction Worklfow Management

  1. Sanction letter generation
  2. Generate e-agreement
  3. Document e-sign
  4. PDD document collection
  5. Generate disbursement memo
  6. Loan parameter change

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