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Be it Contact Verification, E-KYC services, VideoKYC, Bank statement analysis, Financial analysis for entities, Credit health check, Multi-Channel communication platforms, E-Signatures, Vehicle verification, Risk management, Live location and history or e-services such as eNACH/eMandate – we have an API for you. Whatever your business needs – be it digital onboarding, lending, credit decisioning, collections, you will find an API to address the same.

Digital KYC

Use video KYC as a substitute for in-person verification.  Verify and validate individual customer information from Aadhaar, e-KYC, Aadhaar XML, NSDL, DigiLocker, OVD data management platform, CKYC etc. and entity information from MCA, ROC, GST databases..

Digital OCR & in-built Fraud Management

Capture and verify information digitally from standard KYC and financial documents using AI & ML-augmented online and offline OCR capability. In-built fraud management allow you to parse and flag falsified and fraudulent documentation.

Banking & Financial Analysis

Consume banking APIs to fetch bank statements or perform intelligent bank statement analysis.

Credit Bureau & Risk Assessment

Fetch credit scores and history from leading bureaus like TransUnion CIBIL, Equifax, CRIF High Mark and Experian. Augment existing bureau data with your own policy parameters using in-built scoring engine.


Use biometric or OTP-based digital services to e-sign documents using Aadhaar-based digital signature platform. Enable eNACH/e-Mandate workflows for your lending requirements using pre-configured connectors.


Use location mapping and history of the contact to establish traceability

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Simplifying Integrations.

Vahana Hub’s unique modular architecture allows you to embed services into your product through a simple plug-and-play model. Being a single technical point of integration, vHub saves a significant amount of time and effort for technology teams as they do not have to worry about different types of integrations, security protocols, endpoints and request response formats from each provider.

Intelligent Analytics Platform

Augment your customer’s credit profile and risk assessment using alternate data sources such as telco data, SMS data, location data analysis, AI-enabled cross-referencing against publicly available information from Google and other data sources.

Alternative Credit Assessment

Track usage metrics and device analytics from a single usage dashboard. Unified dashboard view provides real-time visibility into API usage and enables end-to-end monitoring of all data and services. Track drop-offs, failures and errors proactively to ensure the best experience for your customers.

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