Issue credit cards to customers in minutes to grow your business.

Better and Faster Credit Card Application Processing

Customer Credit Application

With dual mode for onboarding – both self service and agent assisted, credit card customer onboarding has never been easier.

Financial & Risk Profiling

Our solution offers end to end risk profiling for faster processing of applications.

Workflow Integrations

Our credit card onboarding system provides all crucial integrations between multiple systems for seamless processing:

Credit card

Dual mode Onboarding

  • Lead management system for field sales team
  • Video KYC enabled
  • Mobile OTP verification of the applicant and Finger Biometric for FOS
  • Integration with credit bureaus for instant credit checks

Credit Assessment

  • Income assessment via Banking Data Capture or Financial Profile Capture
  • Credit Bureau Check
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Customized Scoring Matrix (If any)
  • Business Rule Engine running at the backend to establish credit limit assessment of the applicant.
  • Various API calls to extract relevant data for the above computation.
credit card
credit card

End to End Integrations

  • Application pushes the application to Bank’s LOS system
  • Integrations with Bank’s internal systems such as LOS, CBS, biometric, and other systems
  • Dedupe Functionality for ETB or NTB

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