Comprehensive corporate banking solutions that cater to every need.

Ready For Business

Onboard Current Accounts Paperlessly

With instant user verification, entity verification and credit checks online, bring your CA customers onboard in minutes.

Working Capital LoansĀ 

Fully digital, end-to-end lending platform managing the entire lifecycle of working capital loan.

Salary Account Onboarding

Fully automated lead generation and tracking for both mass and individual onboarding.

Corporate Credit Cards

Paperless credit card processing with complete credit checks.

Business banking

Onboard Businesses With Ease

With our fully digital, integrated onboarding workflow for both current account customers as well as corporate customers, you can onboard both employees and business owners with ease.

Cater To The Lending Needs of Corporates

With multi bureau integration for credit check and risk reporting, and integration across multiple teams (FI, legal, technical etc), our solution is geared towards catering to all the lending needs of your business customers.

Business banking

Empower your Team and boost your Sales with our proven Solutions

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