Instant onboarding of term deposit customers.

Hassle Free Term Deposits

Customer SSA For TD Booking

Through the Self Service application, customers can view their term deposit interest rate, maturity amount and book TDs instantly.

Full Stack eKYC and Verification

Complete Aadhaar based authentication for eKYC of customers.

AI/ML Assisted VideoKYC

AI-assisted image matching of all customer documentation and photos in the in-app video KYC module.

Instant Online Receipt Issued

After verification of all details, the customer is issued a paperless TD receipt within seconds.

Term Deposits

VideoKYC Solution

The onboarding application workflow incorporates our VideoKYC solution. It has built-in controls for validating agent availability, VideoKYC session success or failure, and options for making a later appointment in case ops team members are unavailable.

Plug and Play Model

The term deposit onboarding process is lets you leverage your existing digital assets and workflows 

Term Deposits

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