Hi, I’m Decimal Tech! I’m here with yet another story of new age personnel, Abhinav Thakur. 

Journey with me has always been described as an adventure, and so says Abhinav.

According to him, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that he would end up working with computers from a very young age.

Abhinav started his career with me, aka Decimal Technologies as a Graduate Product Trainee. Throughout his time here, Abhinav has worked over a large area of the Software Development Lifecycle, focusing on DevOps. It was a thrilling start to his career. He mentions that his supervisors and managers took an interest in his interests, guiding him right from the start. Back when he onboarded with me, his managers presented him with an opportunity to explore something different, and that was DevOps.It was a pivotal moment in his growth. He quotes Robert Frost, saying, “If taking the less traveled road had made all the difference for him, then the same holds true for me. I think it’s all about taking a leap to exceed yourself”.

Abhinav wanted the opportunity to make a change, and I gave it to him. Communication with colleagues and the confidence of knowing the ins and outs of the tasks/work that he owns keeps him motivated.

“You’re your best motivator, so you’ve got to know yourself the best! Or rather, be your best friend,” is his advice to new Decimalites. He highlights, “Understanding the why’s and how’s of the project and how your piece of the puzzle fits into the grand scheme of things. Also, keep scalability and resiliency in mind whenever you design a solution that works best.”

Abhinav works with me on the Vahana platform. He describes, “ Vahana platform has matured into a beautiful piece of art, with incremental updates and design changes making it even more efficient. It feels like people working with Decimal are building a spaceship aimed at the stars. “

My employees are not just a number to me, but always a valued member of mine. I’m thankful for their steadfast leadership and integrity. Recently, my leaders have reshaped my roadmap, aiming at international markets.

Abhinav says he feels exceptionally fortunate to have wonderful mentors during his time with me. He says, and I quote, “Lalit Sir, our CEO, is one of the greatest orators I’ve witnessed. He explained how we’re all in this together and that Decimal, as it grows, has inclusiveness in itself. Decimal is like a family; everyone here is happy to help one another, more experienced pros are always willing to turn around and help the next person in line. An exceptionally motivating gesture was how the company handled its employees during the peaks of the pandemic. You could reach out to anybody at any time, and they’d be there for you. I’ve been fortunate to have really great managers as well, and talking to them always got my hopes up.”

He continues, “If it weren’t for my managers, be it immediate or skip-level, I wouldn’t have made it this far. Sharing their grand visions, giving me enough space to tinker with the ideas and their razor-sharp feedback making me rethink and recreate, I think there can be nothing better than that as inspiration.” says Abhinav Thakur.

Decimal is devoted to maintaining and enhancing its company culture and reputation as a great place to work. I, aka Decimal Technologies, will continue to be a company that prioritizes its community, customers, and employees following the Decimal Values.