Fully Digital Lending Experience for Instant Loans

Loan Application Process has been a paper-intensive cumbersome process and many borrowers dread the mounds of paper forms awaiting their signature and the long gruelling wait times. Revolutionize your antiquated, paper-laden traditional lending process with a solution that streamlines loan processing, provides proactive, omnichannel assistance and communication to customers and avoids costly follow-up loops.

Not only will you originate and close loans faster with greater efficiency, compliance and security, but also elevate your customers’ experience to a new level of long-term value.

Convenient, Fast loans

Customer can now apply for a loan herself from a location and mode (app, web) of her convenience. Digital profile checks and automated approval flows, make real-time loans possible. Enhance Customer Experience

Automate Ops

With Self Service and Assisted Apps, collect all Customer Information digitally and pass to Ops Queues, Workflows for their online approval, rejection and queries. Reduce turnaround and chances of error

Digital Credit & Risk Decisioning

Our proprietary credit decision system with customizable business rules has integration with all necessary third party systems, credit bureaus for risk and credit assessment. Onboard good quality, less risky customers


The platform supports various loan classes such as Personal, Vehicle, Consumer Durables, Home, LAS and SME Lending

Significantly reduce onboarding cost while increasing speed of processing

Our end to end loan origination/onboarding software with built in credit evaluation system, document management and integrated eKYC solution, can be used right away or tailor made to fit your loan portfolio

Stand out from the competition with a simple and secure paperless loan processing journey that creates loyal customers

A blend of great domain and tech team

Our Loan Product Team consists of specialists knowledgeable in all aspects of loan servicing and have demonstrated the ability to ensure successful loan servicing right from pre-screening to underwriting to disbursement. With each loan onboarding we complete, we review and optimize our process and seek ways to balance the use of people and technology. This requires extraordinary attention to detail and a commitment to document business practices to ensure that next project is accomplished faster and more efficiently

Our Solution provides a transparent and secure lending process, streamlines business process and allows you to respond quickly to changing market requirements

Empower your Team and boost your Sales with our proven Solutions