Mobile Solution to Fuel Your Sales Growth

An Intelligent Solution to assist your Sales team to add new leads, fetch existing leads from satellite systems and create funnel visibility to manage them better. Smart allocation algorithm helps efficient distribution of leads to enhance Sales team performance

Lead Qualification

Qualify your leads with pre-defined rules to bring efficiency in conversions

Smart Follow-Ups

Smart meeting scheduler and notifications to make leads follow up easy for every Sales person

Custom Workflows

Readily available templates to customize Industry specific workflows and actions

Intelligent Allocation

Insights driven lead allocation for better distribution resulting into improved sales team efficiency

Simplified Lead Management

Create 360 degree view of all your leads in our LMS. Define rules for each opportunity, Identify key decision makers, Run competitors analysis. Generate sales forecast based on Client’s budget, opportunity stage and sales probability. Just rely on well researched Sales process to make your life simple

Everything you need for Successful Sales Automation

There’s no need to complicate something that should be simple. When buyers show interest, quick response and an appropriate level of persistence are essential to staying ahead of the competition. Leverage our sales pipeline tools to analyze the  performance at each stage and identify “bottlenecks” in the opportunity management process.

Our system allows you to drill down into the particular opportunity stage and see the number of opportunities at each stage and the sales volume by each rep.

Empower your Team and boost your Sales with our proven Solutions