What fuels your business? Undoubtedly, it is the customers and employees. They are the heart and soul of any business. But how do you manage both as the company grows? That’s where businesses need to build Salesforce custom apps using No-code platforms. 

In this blog, we will explore why a business should build Salesforce custom apps using No-code platforms and what factors they should consider while choosing a no-code platform. Furthermore, we will see the benefits of building a Salesforce custom-made app.

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As businesses grow and expand, managing all the spreadsheets and establishing a central database becomes mission-critical. Organizing such information ensures that each employee is on the same page, eliminating a scenario where departments and employees operate in isolation. 

Since a customer interacts with a company and not with individual departments or employees, enterprises should ensure that every employee is in the loop with customers’ needs and current status.  

The Solution?

You must have heard about Salesforce, a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Back in 1999, they pioneered the CRM market by being the first cloud computing company, forever changing the game. 

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The question that ponders now is what is the next step? In this ever-evolving landscape, innovation and adaptation is the key to a successful business. To survive in the competition, enterprises have to look for versatile tools that will help them ease their work. So, what can you do with a ready-to-use CRM system, and how can you utilize this versatile tool for the company’s benefit?

Enter the dynamic duo of Salesforce and no-code platforms. Yes, these platforms are taking the software development market by storm. Their drag-and-drop interface and pre-built templates allow non-coders to build mobile applications. 

Besides, they are democratizing how we build applications and web pages, opening up several employment opportunities. With the help of Salesforce’s CRM data, combined with the no-code platform, you can build a custom application that will boost your business’s efficiency and enhance customer experience. 

Let’s see why you need a custom app using no code and how you can boost agility and respond faster by building a Salesforce custom app with no code in no time. 

Why do you need a custom app using no code?

As discussed, you can leverage the framework provided by Salesforce and then use no-code platforms to create an application that suits your business’s requirements. But why do you need it?

Faster GTM

Building and deploying apps can be done just as quickly, if not faster, than using the traditional coding method. It makes it easier for businesses to implement marketing strategies

Quick Modifications

You can easily iterate and make necessary changes as you go. It gives you the flexibility to make modifications that can be executed on all pages.  

Reduced Development time

By building a Salesforce custom app using no-code, you reduce the development time by 90%. It means faster delivery of products and being updated with the new trends.

Easy-to-use Interface

These no-code platforms are visually driven and use drag-and-drop features that help to turn your vision into reality. You can drag the different elements available to the Canvas and voilà. Exactly, that’s how easy it is. No code whatsoever is required.

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Things to Consider while choosing the No-Code platform for Salesforce custom app development

There are certain things to bear in mind before you go for a CRM system and choose no-code platforms to build an app. 

Pre-existing Solutions

Look out for the problems you are looking for and see what customization can be carried out. Chances are there are pre-existing solutions as in any pre-built templates that can be re-used. Then opt for building a custom app. It will help you save money and resources. 

Easily integrate with existing solutions

Seamless integration with your existing tools and third-party apps is crucial. Look for a no-code platform that offers easy integration flexibility, so you can avoid the integration headache and keep your money flowing in the right direction.

Visibility and security

With several options available, you cannot compromise with the security. Since you are giving access to sensitive data, make sure that you choose a safe and secure no-code platform. 


You want something that can easily be handled by employees. Additionally, at one glance you should be able to understand its interface. For that reason, select a user-friendly platform. 

Benefits of building Salesforce custom apps using No-code

Enhanced Customer Experience

Salesforce helps to manage customer cases and track their leads, and satisfaction levels. No-code platforms can then be utilized to automate the whole process from loading data to storing it in one place.  

Besides, all the employees will be on the same page, and they can pick up where the others left off. Likewise, the customer does have to explain the whole process again and again. 

Results-driven Marketing and Sales Effort

You can use the CRM system to manage leads, track sales, and marketing campaigns to forecast future sales and track marketing results. By building an application on a no-code platform, you will be able to respond and maintain a record of every lead generated. 

Boost Productivity  

Businesses can customize the applications as per their requirements with the help of no-code platforms. Furthermore, you do not have to monitor those spreadsheets and loads of manual data. All the data will be digitalized and stored at one centralized location. 

This will free up manual labor of the employees that can be utilized to do more intellectual work.


No-code development platforms are pocket-friendly for startups since hiring skilled developers can cost a lot compared to no-code tools. 

Compliance & Governance

Using Salesforce cloud storage helps you organize your data, keeping it up to date with all the requirements under relevant regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, etc. This, in combination with no-code tools, will ensure that your data and company are up-to-date with the latest guidelines.


The motive is to make your employees and customers happy and satisfied. Bill Gates once said that your greatest source of learning is unhappy customers and how you work on that lesson is what matters the most. Building a Salesforce custom app with no code will help you improve and enhance customer experience. Besides customer experience, it will also facilitate a seamless working ecosystem. 

To sum up, building a Salesforce custom app is not a piece of cake but also, not rocket science. Remember, to do the research at your end and look for the no-code platform that suits your requirements.