Hi, I’m Decimal Tech! I’m here with yet another story of the emerging new age leader of Decimal, Ashutosh Sharma.

Ashutosh onboarded my ship, aka Decimal Technologies, as a Program Manager in 2015, expecting an appropriate physical and digital environment that would give him the flexibility to achieve that elusive work-life balance. He has seen me grow from 75 people to 500+ strong.

Ashutosh landed his first project with Kotak Mahindra Bank, one of our key clients and my partner to date. And now, as a Delivery Lead – Digital Solutions (CASA), he has managed to bag & successfully deliver multiple industry-first solutions for Kotak Bank – and let me tell you, Kotak 811 was the game-changer. With his dedication and impressive performance, he became a Sr. Program Manager in 2018. The promotion came with the added responsibilities, which brought in greater accountabilities, ownerships & many more learnings for him. His journey comes with some accomplishments like successfully delivering projects for giants, namely, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Yes Bank, Bandhan Bank, BoonBox and Federal Bank. The on-ground experience & multidimensional roles that he came across during his journey with me made him the professional he is today.

My conversation with Ashutosh highlights several moments from his journey that made him proud and emotional. For him, a symbol of growth and success was -the movement from small to bigger office space in 2018 & now to even bigger in 2022. But the most inspirational moment he described to me was when he handled one of our most prestigious clients to date(Kotak). 

Challenges are a part of life, and during his initial months with me, his struggles increased, and he was aware that he needed to act quickly to snap out of it. He adds a memory of the day when he called Lalit Mehta (CEO) over the phone, discussed the situation & asked for his guidance. Being the leader he is, Lalit caught up with Ashutosh over coffee in the evening. After patiently hearing & understanding the challenges, Lalit gave him feedback & suggestions that continue to help him to date. That was his eureka moment & from that day, Ashutosh has never looked back and took actions where they mattered instead of trying to solve everything at one time. 

Ashutosh is motivated by visible results, like – delivering on commitment, seeing employees & clients happy with outcomes, his input bearing fruit at the Org level etc. He knew that hard work and perseverance would help him achieve professional success, and this is what kept him going. There might be instances of failure, but he has never felt demotivated due to the culture we have built. He says, and I quote, “The taste of success after a failure is even sweeter.” He adds – “There are no mistakes – only lessons, which we should see as opportunities for personal expansion.”

He is a fan of teamwork, his team being his biggest strength. Ashutosh believes that he is in an industry where one can be exceptionally brilliant as an individual, but if one can’t work as a team, they will struggle and eventually fail. He has a close-knit team that works for each other’s objectives. He looks forward to advising anyone who joins him, “Give your best shot; even if you fail, you will get opportunities to pick yourself up, learn and deliver. This organization cares for all who care for the organization; just trust in your abilities, set clearly defined goals & then have the courage to act on them.”

With me, aka Decimal Technologies, the future is wonderful, full of new opportunities for everyone to rise & grow together; and become a better version of themselves.

I believe today I have been a success story in Decimal & I hope I can inspire people to reach their own potential in some way or other,” says Ashutosh.