Hi, I’m Decimal Tech. No, I’m not an employee at Decimal, But everybody who works at Decimal is a part of me.

I’m here to share – Chronicles Of Decimal, By Decimal, For Decimal.

It’s New Year, a chance to reset priorities, chase new goals — or just finish what you started in your past years.

Let’s give you the first insight into the incredible lives of our coach leaders, starting with what they have decided for their New Year Resolution.

We all read about multiple corporate giants sharing their resolution stories. And like everyone else, I, too, went down that road and asked the head coaches of the organisation to throw a little light on what they intend to accomplish this 2022.

I learned they had a lot to share, not only what they wanted for themselves but how everyone could benefit if they commenced.

On the desk of Arvind Nahata, my co-founder, I knocked and asked him about his 2022 resolution. He drives the fun automobile here, and people around Decimal enjoy his valuable inputs not only professionally but personally too. You all take resolutions you want to do, but this guy pushes for the doable resolution, the one’s you can actually accomplish. Hence my first stop.

Arvind encourages to have discipline and consistency, and I quote, “My resolution this year is to continue my zeal to be fit and spread the word by making more and more people aware. I also want to regularise my pursuit with yoga and pranayam; do them at least 4 times every week.” He is our fitness guy – eating healthy, morning exercises, pranayam, yoga and a few more to the list for a healthy and fit life. The journey has persisted for many years and continues in 2022.

When asked about how he plans on keeping such hard resolutions, he says, when you set achievable goals and incentivise yourself on completion [yeah… with sweet and cheat meal (Zanzy Face)] will get you on the road to success.

On a lighter note, every year, Arvind also takes an ‘easy to achieve resolution’ where the chances of achieving are more than 100%. This time around it is to eat one cheesecake every month.

I realised fitness could be enjoyable. Arvind continues to elaborate on why it is essential for him when asked; he says, I believe that human life is primarily based on four pillars: family, community/society, wealth (professional life) and health. If a person is unfortunate to not have wealth or family or community, they can still live through; however, if they don’t have good health, they will not be able to enjoy any even if they have everything else. Hence, to my mind, health is one of the most important pillars of life.

Whether or not we end up making any resolutions but for Arvind, health is an important dimension, hence focusing time on good healthy (eating habits, activity/workout regime) life will be one of the wisest decisions.

Arvind’s resolution reminds us that health should be our priority, whatever resolutions you make for yourself. Life can be beautifully inconsequential, so in 2022, I’ll continue to follow this lodestar, knowing my destination.