Hi, I’m Decimal Tech; let me introduce you to another old fruit, Mohinder Pal. 

In my walk through the office’s hallways, I met with Mohinder, and his journey is quite unusual compared to most of the employees here. In our conversation, his opening statement was, “I had no idea of my goal and did not know what I was passionate about. The only thing that was taught to me was to get a good job and become independent.”

This Chandigarh boy started his journey with me, aka Decimal Technologies, in 2011 as a Support Executive. The domain he joined in, the idea of working around the assignment, and his first project was all new. But, Kamal Sharma, his buddy and manager Keshav, trained him on support services. The result was outstanding as he received appreciation on his very first client/Application DLF Pramerica.

A few months into the job, he was doubtful about his profession. But when he saw Lalit Mehta [CEO, Decimal Technologies] and Vivek Jhamb in action, their dreams to establish Decimal as the #1 acquisition platform gave him a sense of clarity and assurance.

He recalled one such incident from Mumbai when a technical issue arose during the launch phase. Lalit Mehta told the team that “We will all resolve the issue together,” and then sat with the team that whole night to resolve the technical issue.

Such words and actions from the company’s CEO display the level of confidence he has in his people, and that is why they call me and my people The Decimal Family.

That night during their discussion, Mohinder picked up the learnings of his lifetime. They were:

  1. Always be calm when listening to the client/customer; you will understand the requirements better.
  2. Think of actions that can solve the problem.
  3. Reach out to other teams/team members until you find the right solution.

I say, Great learnings indeed! 

Mohinder believes that opportunities come in small packages, and the day Lalit and Vivek presented him with an opportunity to lead the DLF project was his big day. Another such chance came to him when he switched to another team for the KMPL project, where he worked on a different domain. With the change in domains, he served many clients and projects and travelled to multiple locations. It was, as he says, ” an incredible experience.”

At present, as a Project Manager, Mohinder is managing a tech team, and he is learning new things every day under the guidance of Ashutosh Sharma. Mohinder wisely shares that while accepting a new challenge, there will always be some questions in your mind, but you need to come out of the shell to learn new things and test your real potential. With Decimal, opportunities are many, and it is up to you to put your best foot forward and grab the opportunities.

Another fond memory that he shares was of 2012 when Decimal was about to migrate from Chandigarh to Gurgaon. But, instead of relocating, we decided to expand and let my people stay in the city where we began. My people matter to me, and their satisfaction even more to my founders—one of the examples of the company’s employee-centric approach. 

He adds, “I am fortunate to be a part of the Decimal family; it has always been a source of my inspiration and growth.”

Keeping it short, I want to mention that opportunities and responsibilities go hand in hand at Decimal. That gets me to the point that no matter how long you have been in an organization, you will succeed if you have spark and dedication.