Journey of Vikas Dhillon

Hey there! I’m Decimal Tech. In my 12 years of establishment, many came and left, but some rooted themself with me. The roots grew stronger and stronger as time passed, and I had a few ripped fruits with me. Embark on this incredible journey of the old fruits of Decimal. 

I had a few near and dear people I wanted to connect with. So, digging down, I bumped into Vikas Dhillon -a brilliant mind with exponential talents.

Vikas has been a part of me for the past ten years, and during his journey, he underwent numerous ups and downs, beginning with his work preferences, private job or the government job. When he decided to work on his dreams, Vikas joined me, aka Decimal Technologies as a Java Developer, and now he is the Solution Architect. See, the fun part of dedication and stability is not the fruit you get, but you become the tree that bears it, meaning people reach out to you for what you have polished yourself to evolve. 

Vikas has always been psyched about what I’m endeavouring to achieve, as the concept can be a revolutionary change in the fintech space. After all, I, aka Decimal Technologies, was built in an impressive “Enterprise Low Code Application- LCAP” platform in a short span of time.

He has always been proactive when it comes to performing. Investing his energy in the assigned work and being eager to do more is what I like about him. His efforts paid off in his initial two weeks of joining when he walked up to Lalit Mehta (CEO) and asked how he could assist with his skills. He walked out of the cabin with high hopes, a pending project and a focused target to achieve. Within a year, the goal was accomplished while working on multiple other international projects, which upgraded him to the professional world with client pressure, communication, and coordination.

The learnings, exposure, the respect he gained during his tenure, freedom to make decisions, and someone always there to listen to & guide were the factors that kept him motivated throughout. He experienced numerous learnings with me during his journey and preferred to pass on to the new joiners. He says, and I quote, –

  • Whatever role comes your way (coding, configuration support, or other), grab the opportunity with both hands and put your best.
  • Be sure about one thing: If you are ready to put X efforts into your learning & growth, then Decimal will expose you to learning at 3x speed.
  • When you work hard, you reap tremendous benefits from your efforts. The point here is if you work harder than everyone else, it is noticed, appreciated, and paid off at Decimal. So, give your 110 percent, by proving you want to be there and like to be there.
  • Always be part of the Solution, Not the Problem.

He believes no challenge can stop you from achieving what you set out to when you own your work. 

Either current or ex-employees. They have been there for him, ALWAYS. In his words, “They are my biggest strength.” I have united him with friends for life in his journey”. 

In my conversation with Vikas Dhillon, the one name that often pops as his inspiration is Lalit Mehta, who brings the best in him. And one of the significant learnings he picked up from my other co-founder, Arvind Nahata, was reverse planning for a deliverable, which he has applied to date.

In conclusion, no role is good or bad. We all look forward to where the company grows exponentially, and we all grow in our professional and personal space! Everything is good, and you just need to give your 100% with a good mindset and have faith.