Decimal can help you digitize the entire NRE/NRO on-boarding in line with the RBI mandated guidelines. Our solution allows the capture of all relevant documents like 1st & last four pages of Passport/Valid work permit/employment visa/Residence Visa/Residence Permit/FATCA / CRS Declaration/CKYC docs. IP funding online option too is integrated for a seamless experience for the customer

Convenient, fast loans
Use same write up as existing

Automated credit decisioning
Built-in credit scoring engine allows you to automate your credit decision in real time and configure rules and policies on the fly

Risk Profiling
Multi-bureau credit data available to build enhanced risk profile for your customers.

AI-driven multivariate analysis
Data analytics platform provides financial and risk analysis of customer with both formal and alternate data sources

Business Agility
Operational Efficiency
Business Growth
Enhanced Manageability
Customer Satisfaction

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