In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, banks are seeking innovative ways to enhance their services and streamline processes. One area that holds immense potential for improvement is credit card onboarding processing. 

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Need for Digitalization of Credit Card Onboarding Process

As per Forbes,

“India’s credit card penetration is currently estimated at about 5.5% of the population of 1.4 billion, or 77 million people. While the penetration rate is low, it already includes a market larger than the entire population of Malaysia or Thailand. As India grows richer, its number of potential credit card users will grow steadily.”

There is a significant increase in the demand and of the issuing of credit cards in India as of now! And this is not just an assumption.

Data from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) show that credit card use in India has ticked up significantly over the past year. In April 2023, India had over 8.6 crore (86 million) credit cards, up 15% from 7.5 crore (75 million) in April 2022. This number could hit the 10-crore (100 million) milestone by early 2024. 

With such a huge rising curve in the demand of credit cards, will you afford to lose these leads just because of the slow process in generating leads and onboarding them? There comes the role where banks should transform themselves by actively investing in the technology. Let’s look at the points stating the need of the hour.

Rising Customer Expectations:

The speed of technology changes as well as the increase in customer’s expectations has resulted into the demand of providing faster and efficient credit card processing service.

In this regard, bank consumers require smooth transactions, as well quick approvals thus necessitating system upgrade by banks.

Competitive Edge:

Financial institutions must offer contemporary services in order to remain competitive.

State-of-the-art credit card acceptance facilities may determine whether new players are attracted or whether present ones remain faithful.

Risk Mitigation:

Often, traditional credit card processing systems may not be flexible enough to incorporate evolving risks.

Using AI-powered modernization can significantly boost the efficiency of risk assessment, while also enhancing fraud detection.

No-Code Application Development: A Game-Changer

One thing is sure that the demand is high and people don’t want heavy or confusing systems and AI. On the other hand the banks also want to decrease the expenses and maintain the work quality to the fullest. No-Code application development is the one stop solution then. 

There are many No-Code Platforms available today. But when we talk about a platform which is specially designed for the banking ecosystem and put in a lot of expertise then Decimal’s Vahana Cloud is the name which has gathered the trust of the most influential and biggest banks in India in digitizing the process.

Vahana provides you with drag and drop visual designer and middleware to create enterprise grade solutions on mobile apps and portals.

Let’s have a look at what the Vahana: No-Code application platform brings to the table.

Accelerated Development:

The use of no-code platforms enables banks to roll out credit card processing systems speedily.

The provision of streamlines workflows with visual interfaces shorten development time thus enabling one to adapt easily to any market need.

AI-Assisted Lead Qualification:

Utilize the force of artificial intelligence for automated and improved lead filtering.

Integration of AI models is now simple and helps increase precision for lead assessments by using no code platforms.

Income-Based Credit Assessments:

Make it possible to tailor credit assessments for individuals, using the flexibility of such without code development.

Personalized approach ensures better credit decisioning which in turn leads to good customer satisfaction.

Instant KYC Verification:

Swift integration of KYC with no-code approaches.

Make sure that an onboarding process is frictionless and still fulfills the regulatory requirements.

Benefits of Using No-Code Development Platform

No Coding Required:

This makes it possible for no technician to come up with functional solutions just by developing the application without the complicated code.

Simplify the developing process so that more people who do not have previous coding experience can design and customize applications.

No Re-Deployment:

Implement changes seamlessly by not having to re-do all the entire application, thus reducing the disturbance and creating a flexible and evolving development process.”

Incremental operation also makes it easy for users on a particular system to add or change their specifications without disrupting their functions.

Low Ownership Cost:

A relatively cheaper software design methodology involving cutting down on long-term app related expenses that include the maintenance, upgrading, and support of the existing systems.

Lower the overall ownership costs and make technology solutions cheaper for a majority of organizations, thus contributing to financial efficiency.

Minimal Time To Market:

Faster time -to-market and gaining market share.

This is with the intent of achieving agility in organization’s ability to meet fast changing market needs by speeding innovation through less coding and testing.

A/B Use Case Testing:

Compare and improve upon several app and feature versions using real results in order to provide the best user experience with A/B testing methods.

Make different versions of testing and allow them to conform to user preference, yielding the best performance.


However, this type of development allows companies to reduce the common development fees and is therefore cost effective in offering credit card processing services.

Agility and Flexibility:

No code platforms are quite agile thus banking systems can respond rapidly to the dynamically changing needs of a market and apply amendments without long lasting redevelopment periods.

User-Friendly Interface:

This helps more stakeholders to understand and develop a visual interface that brings more people together by communicating in more ways possible.

Credit Card Onboarding Process Application

Decimal’s Vahana Cloud offers an extensive pre-designed credit card onboarding application which can be directly brought into the use by the banks. The application has an easy and hassle free UI and AI to offer to the customers and target audience with all the requirements embedded in the applications. Let’s have a look at the ustomer journey using Credit Card Onboarding Process application by Decimal!


Banks must evolve to meet the expectations of modern consumers. Developing a robust credit card Onboarding processing service through no-code application development not only addresses current needs but also positions banks for future success. 

While there are limitations, the benefits, including accelerated development, AI-assisted features, and cost-efficiency, make the no-code approach a compelling choice for financial institutions looking to stay ahead in the digital era.

By embracing the power of no-code platforms, banks can unlock new possibilities in credit card processing, providing a seamless and efficient experience for both customers and the institution itself. 

As the financial industry continues to transform, those who embrace innovation will be best positioned to thrive in an increasingly digital world.